Thoughts about Art and Reading

Hey Everyone! 

I’ve not made a post in a while. Last week I was really busy preparing for the Light House craft fair on Saturday the 10th. It went really well on a whole, many awesome people and crafters, a lovely venue and Cally’s Creations has made some new fans! I love doing Craft fairs to meet people who are attracted to my work. I’m not even bothered that most of them don’t buy anything, the positive comments and amazement on their faces are just as good, knowing that people enjoy looking at my creations!

Here’s my at my stall (not looking my best, though!)

Another thing I have been focusing on a lot lately is reading. Last week I decided to challenge myself to read 100 books this year. I have read 10 books so far, but having my Kindle last week (yay) means I will be able to read faster. I love my Kindle so much! The books I have read so far are:

Kate Atkinson – When will there been good news?
Christopher Ransom – The People next Door
Bernhard Schlink – The Reader
Jane Casey – The Burning
Harlan Coben – Darkest Fear
Araminta Hall – Everything and Nothing
Claire Seeber – Tell No one
Erin Kelly – The Poison Tree
Sophie Hannah – Kind of Cruel
Suzanne Collins – The Hunger Games (book 1)

I am currently reading the second book of The Hunger Games trilogy, ‘Catching Fire.’ I mostly always read crime/thriller books, but I am *trying* really hard to read new genres and different authors this year, and broaden my reading vastly.

Do you have any recommendations for me?

Anyway, I will be continuing with my artwork at the end of this week and uploading some new items to Etsy, including some packs of assorted stickers of my artwork!

Watch this space, and enjoy your evening!

Cally xo


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I highly recommend The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. It is absolutely phenomenal! Just finished teaching the first book of the Hunger Games and we had our own “Hunger Games” in a cross curricular lesson for P.E. The kids were hugging each other, telling each other they were scared to “die”, etc. Pretty awesome to see how they connected with the book!

Comment by Heidi

LOVE my Kindle. I can’t believe how much more I am able to read by carrying it around with me.

Also, so glad you are reading the Hunger Games. Frikin LOVE those books! So psyched for the movie to come out! I’ll probably be one of those geeky dork, standing in line for hours all dressed up waiting for it to start!

Comment by MegansBeadedDesigns

I’m looking forward to the Movie too! I hope it lives up to the book. I have read 100 pages of the second one already today… can’t wait to find out what happens! x

Comment by callyscreations

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