Creativity blocks….

Today I thought I’d make a post on the reason why I haven’t created many new paintings lately. I have been suffering from Creative blocks for about 2 months now. Last week, before the craft fair, I was able to get a few new products out which I was proud of considering how I was feeling.

I have been thinking about the reasons why I have felt this creative block looming over me. There isn’t just one answer, there are a few. I thought by mapping them down on my blog I could understand them a bit better and hopefully over come them. It would be great to hear what a few of you think, too, or if you have gone through anything similar and what the outcome was.

My home does not feel like my home right now. Sometimes I am happy in the house we are in, but then others, the problems overwhelm me. The damp in the front room, the cracking of the walls, the fact we can’t even put a shelf up without the walls crumbling is stressing me out so badly, because I can’t make the house the home I really want. Its freezing cold, even with the heating on. My creative space lacks a lot of inspiration and I find myself confiding myself to the living room with all my art stuff, the only room that feels like I belong. It’s getting quite annoying now, as in a big semi detached house you’d think I could make it work, but I just can’t. Not even my bedroom feels like a room I can relax in. I know that eventually we’ll have to  move, and deal with the stress of it all, but for the moment we can’t seem to get it in motion. Conversations with the landlord and money issues are putting us back to square one. I feel this is the main reason I can’t create properly. I don’t *feel* it here.

I spend a lot of time at home, which effects me mentally. I feel like I am in limbo. Get a full time job, and risk giving up my artwork. Or stay in the house and feel myself slowly falling away from it anyway, because I can’t get myself motivated. All the wonderful ideas are there in my head, I just can’t relax and calm myself enough to get into it. I thought about getting an art space away from home, but we couldn’t afford it right now.

The other reasons are less obvious. Mentally and physically, my mind and body are letting me down. I used to think I was just lazy, but I do feel like there’s more to it somehow. My back pains have got worse over the last few months, but I refuse to go to the doctors until it becomes unbearable.

I sometimes feel like I am going around in circles. Many people appreciate my work and I have lots of fans but not many sales. I am trying to figure out what I am doing wrong to not get many sales, but I can’t think of any, only that my prices do not reflect what my work is worth? I would believe this to be true is so many people didn’t already tell me my prices are reasonable, and even sometimes too low!

So what do I do?

I just hope that I can get over this bad patch and start creating and building up my business once more. I feel like I have achieved so much. I have only been creating for the last year and I am proud of what I have accomplished. I just need to get through this block so I can progress everything further!

I know many crafters are in similar situations to me. We all need to keep are chins up and think positively!

If you have took the time to read through my moaning, thank you, x


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So sorry you are going through this period of creative block.
When the weather is warmer, perhaps you can get outside a little more and be inspired by what you see outside the depressing walls of your current home.

Perhaps a part-time job? It might help relieve some financial stress, but still giving you some time to create. And perhaps the extra income would allow you to move to a better physical space.

Comment by LeAnn

Thanks LeAnn, I have a small 9 hour job but it’s not very beneficial to us. I need to keep looking for something else in the mean time.
Thank you for your comment xo

Comment by callyscreations

It sounds like a very tough situation for you! I can relate in a way… I live with my parents and my 15 month old daughter and I work full time- there is not a lot of time or space to be creative!
I wish you all the best!

Comment by Liz

Your paintings are really cute dont get down on the lack of inspiration everyone feels like that at some point! I am in a similar limbo where I feel really behind in life in general. I hope your back starts to improve and that you find more spaces that bring inspiration.

Come add your shop to this linkie because id love to feature your art and you on my other blog 🙂

Comment by Aulani Photography

I have depression with psychosis. In the early stages, I would get aches and pains, not unbearable but just enough to make doing anything more difficult. I would also feel apathetic, and trapped. I ended up getting prescribed medication that helped- I know that there are other solutions too- but to me it sounds like depression.

depression isn’t always permanent, sometimes it is situational (meaning that the house situation is what triggered it) and there are tons of ways to treat it if that’s what it is.

I still get creative blocks now- but they do not last as long and they do not feel as terrible as they used to. And my back doesn’t hurt either 🙂

Comment by resonanteye

Liz ~ it must be so difficult for you too. xx

Thank you Aulani, I have added my link to your blog! I hope you are able to pick yourself up too, its so difficult sometimes! Feeling like you’re going around in circles!

Resonanteye, I think I have suffered with slight depression before, it has disappeared since I got with my boyfriend Jamie 2 years ago and he’s a massive help. I never really linked how I feel now with how I used to feel, but perhaps you’re right. It’s never been diagnosed though. I’m going to see how I can get through the next months. x

Thanks to everyone who’s commented. Its good to know I’m not alone in this situation, although I wish non of us would have to feel like it! x

Comment by callyscreations

Many people who work at home have found that getting a small, part-time job has actually helped them boost their motivation for the work they do at home, and they get just as much done because they are forced to think about their time-management more carefully.

Something to think about anyway. 🙂 Hope you can get a boost of much needed creativity soon!

Comment by MegansBeadedDesigns

I’m so sorry to read how unhappy you are feeling. I agree with ‘resonanteye’ in that it sounds like depression, although most likely the situational variety. I have had depression for over a decade and I can sympathise with the creative block. I have to nest and make my home as safe and sanctuary like as possible to get through the down days and it must be a nightmare that you can’t do that in your current house! Bear in mind that I’m also medicated!! 😉

I used to get told, go out, get fresh air, be with people, see this, do that, but all of these things only work if it’s what makes the inner you happy. I forced myself to follow their advice and the results weren’t great. If I could go back in time and see my unhappy self I would give her this advice: ask yourself what would help to make you feel better and really listen to what your inner voice tells you. Listening to and acting on what that little voice inside you says will always repay you in abundance. Meditating really helped me as did yoga and the quietening of your mind may help you to ‘see’ more clearly.

Most importantly, you aren’t alone. A problem shared and all that! Sorry for the essay. I hope it helps. Lucernae xo

Comment by lucernae

Thank you for your comment xxxxxx

Comment by callyscreations

I completely understand what you’re going through. I’ve always felt I have to sacrifice my art when I maintain a real job, and vice versa. I had an interview yesterday which, while exciting!!!, also made me realize that in the near future, I might not have all these hours each day to do what I love. Everyone goes through patches of creativity block, and not feeling harmonious in your space certainly can’t help. :-/ I’m no doctor, but I was experiencing something similar recently (and went to a doctor), and it turns out my vitamin d levels are low. Since I’m sure it’s not all sunshiney in England, you might want to look into that as an alternative cause to your woe. But I think you’re totally, wonderfully awesome, and you’ll be back to yourself in no time!
Also — a friend of mine and myself decided to inspire ourselves recently by picking a theme every couple of weeks and creating a work of art based on that theme. When our two weeks are up, we’ll compare what we came up with because I’m sure that even our similar jumping off point will lead us down different paths. I’m happy to help give you a topic, or some “inspiration” if that might be of assistance! Or if you have a creative friend nearby, maybe you can try something similar? Just to get the juices flowing 🙂

Comment by they call me crafty

Thank you for you comment, I will look into the ‘theme’ thing, sounds like a good idea!! xxx

Comment by callyscreations

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