Flowers of Spring and Love; Painted bowl project

Last week I decided to start a project of painting up an old wooden bowl that was in our Shed, that my Dad gave to us before Christmas. The bowl is approximately 44cm in diameter. I began by painting vibrant shades of blues and green for the sky and grass.

I then started painting flowers of all colours and sizes on the grass and in the sky…

….And this is the final piece. I have yet to varnish it, however I have painted the back of the bowl a bright fuchsia pink and signed it. This piece of artwork, painted on a wooden bowl will be up for sale within the next couple of days on my Etsy page.

A close up for the flowers…

I have enjoyed doing this painting as it is the first for a while without feeling under pressure to create. I have a couple of new canvases I am hoping to do similar pieces on in the next few days!


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This is beautiful! I have some old drawers that I’ve ripped apart that I was looking for something to do with and this kind of thing would be gorgeous 🙂

Comment by samossie

Thank you for your comment! I think they would look great on some drawers, I am tempted to try it!

I just looked at your website, your work is wonderful!

Cally x

Comment by callyscreations

What a wonderful project! I love how it turned out – the colors, the shapes of the flowers – how sweet!! What kind of paints did you use?

Comment by Kanelstrand

In case you are curious, my blog is here:

Comment by Kanelstrand

Hey! I will check your blog out 🙂

I used house hold emulsion paints and a bit of acrylics. I am glad you like it xx

Comment by callyscreations

Beautiful! I just love the spring feel and the colors are wonderful!

Comment by Sandy

Thank you Sandy 🙂

Comment by callyscreations

I love this!!!!!!!

Comment by They Call Me Crafty

Thank you! xx

Comment by callyscreations

These are gorgeous! I love your use of bright colors – so fun and funky!

I found your blog through the WordPress Blog team on Etsy. Very nice! 🙂


Comment by onerustynail

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