Painting Process – stop motion animation

Today I had a go at under the camera stop motion animation creating a piece of artwork. It was meant to be for my final piece in Animation at Uni, but I think I will count this one as a practice and have another go next week. Hope you enjoy!


Finding the Alphabet in Wolverhampton!

Hi there!

Today I have been working on one of my University projects, which is to find the letters of the alphabet in places. It can be anything that has not intentionally formed the letter, but you can see the letter in it.

I went into Wolverhampton early this morning and decided to go letter hunting. The project sounds quite easy but I found it quite hard to find a lot of letters – finding simple curved letters like O and C was easy and got more than one, but I struggled to find harder letters with more shape such as Q and B.

While hunting for letters, I found my love for Wolverhampton again. It has been nearly over a year since I moved from there and I realised how much I miss it today. Here are a couple of photographs I took this morning.


The church


giffard arms

Giffard Arms Pub

And here are a couple of letters I found on the way! I still have a few to find, but enjoying the process. The final piece is to make them all into a poster. I am definitely going to stick to a black and white theme!

black and white E

Letter E, found on Church door.


Letter X, found on old shop


More dry point/ intaglio printing!

Here’s another dry point print, this time of my Cat Izzy when she was a kitten. I have used red ink as well as black this time. Firstly I did a black print, then I experimented a little with the red and black colours. I have done Izzy as a ‘joker’ and one of her red with a black nose.

Apologies for the awful photographs, they are taken with my mobile phone! I just had to share them. I am really enjoying the process of intaglio printing and I can’t wait to do more!




Art Journals
November 9, 2013, 11:13 am
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They’re stacking up pretty fast now!

Art progress

Trying out Dry point printing

I thought I would share my first experiences trying out dry point printing at University. When etching my first design on plastic (below) of me and my partner Jamie, I didn’t think that the results would turn out as well as they did. I loved the whole process of dry point printing – I found it a lot easier than screen printing and lino printing, but the results were great. I can’t wait to experiment more.


First four prints I did

Above, I first printed the ones that don’t have much shading, as it was my first attempt I didn’t know where to apply most of the ink, but then gradually added a bit more to make the print more effective (below.)

For the process, I wet the paper (so the print can be made) and rubbed oil based ink into the etch on plastic. I then rubbed away the excess ink and added shading with it where needed. I then placed the etching board down and put the damp paper on top. I then put them through the rolling machine, and taped down to dry.


Close up of print.


Butterfly prints

I enjoyed the process so much I decided to do another one. Above is an etch from a photograph  I took of a butterfly. I used the same process as above but this time experimented with tissue paper to add colour. As you can see, the print on the right did not turn out as well as I’d have liked, because the tissue paper moved in the printing process.

I will be doing lots more dry point printing next week, and can’t wait to show everyone the results.  I am really looking forward to experimenting more with this way of printing, and hopefully putting some in my shop!

What’s been going on with Cally’s Creations?

Hi all!

I haven’t posted as regularly as I should, but I do find it hard juggling my blog along with Facebook, twitter, tumblr and Etsy. I hope that this will be changing now that I am attending Wolverhampton Uni to do Art and Design. My life is full of Art right now, so there’s rarely a time when I am not creating something new.

In my foundation year we have been asked to create an art journal through out the year. I have decided to dedicate myself to this, and to never rip a page out. Ever! This has been difficult for me in the past as although my artwork does get a lot of positive comments, like most artists I always feel like I can do better/ or that it isn’t good enough. I am not doing this any more. The one thing I have learnt while being at Uni is that you have to keep your progress. Even if you’re not a fan of what you have done, it’ll become useful to you one way or another in the future.

I have only been at Uni for a couple of weeks but already I have learnt a lot. I can’t wait to adapt the skills I am learning into Cally’s Creations. There’s a lot of places where my business needs to be polished up, and I am looking forward to making those changes and giving it everything I can.

Art space

I will be posting regular updates on my art journalling and progression as an artist, so stay tuned!

Cally xo

New sketches
August 26, 2013, 2:35 pm
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Hey everyone!

Lately I have been doing some doodling/ sketching to try and note down new ideas for paintings and do give myself some more practice.

The reason I have been doing this is because I am going to be starting an Art and Design course in September. I am so excited to learn and develop my skills and share it with all of you! I have been quite ill the last 8 months with severe leg and back pain – and my artwork has really helped me through out this stressful time.



two of my favourite things




I hope you have enjoyed looking an these sketches – there will be plenty more updates coming soon! I will be trying all sorts of new creative skills once I start my course, which I can’t wait to do and share with you.