Poosac; Artist of the Week

I love these little quirky and unusual illustrations and creations by Poosac on Etsy. Ever since I saw her wonderful greetings cards with balloons on, I always go back to look for more! Here are a couple of pieces from her that I especially like.

(Birthday Card ~ Windy Day by Poosac)

(Original miniature painting – Bonjour by Poosac)

You can check out Poosac on Etsy by simply clicking on the wonderful pieces of work above or here! You can also find her on Facebook here!


Isabel Adonis; Artist of the Week

Tall Terraced Houses 2, by Isabel Adonis

Isabel Adonis creates beautiful and colourful original works of collaged art. I would describe Isabel’s work as vibrant, unusual, and whimsical, and like many of my other favourite artists, never fails to make me smile whenever I see a new piece. She has been successfully selling  her artwork for about 3 years, and it is all *very* reasonably priced for the effort she puts in and the amazing creation you get in return!

The reason I love Isabel’s artwork so much is that it reminds me so much of my own, yet it is so different. I think the way in which we think about our creations can be very similar at times, and it’s nice to have that connection with a fellow artist. We’re similar in a way in which we love to paint women, girls, flowers and houses ~ loads of things that are based around our first passions, our home life and the different feelings and vibes surrounding that.

Ode to Kandinsky, by Isabel Adonis (available on

If you would like to find out more about Isabel Adonis and her wonderful artwork, or purchase any of her paintings, you can ‘like’ her page on Facebook here or look and buy many of her artworks at here.

Flower Girls, by Isabel Adonis

Fairy Whisper Art; Favourite Artist of the Week

Commission piece of three beautiful dogs by Fairy Whisper Art

I came across Fairy Whisper Art some time in 2011 through Facebook. As soon as I saw the profile picture I instantly knew I’d love this artist. Her colourful, whimsical characters never fail to make me smile and always cheer me up on a gloomy day. I have since be-friended the wonderful creator Sarah Wakefield, who is a lovely woman from (not so far away from me) Leicester. She not only creates magical characters such as the ones below, but she also does some fabulous pet portraits (above) that you can get commissioned.

Bubu the Owl by Fairy Whisper Art

Snuggly Bunnies by Fairy Whisper Art

If you are interested in purchasing any artwork from Fairy Whisper Art, or maybe just want to follow her amazing creations, then you can find her on facebook and Etsy.