Etsy Treasury; Bright and Beautiful

Another PCF Team treasury – this time a treasury trade one (which I have never done before.) I think I am becoming obsessed with making treasuries, so I am going to have a couple days break!


Etsy Treasury; Keep Warm

Another half PCFteam treasury and half not. I made this treasury because we have had quite a lot of snow, and it has been difficult to keep warm!

Etsy Treasury; Purple and Silver Silk

I have created this treasury as part of a PCF (Promote Creative Friends) team challenge. You were asked to build a treasury upon an item given to you, which in this case was the first item in my treasury, the Purple and Silver wire crochet necklace. Usually I wouldn’t create a treasury unless I felt inspired, but this unique piece of jewellery inspired me straight away! I decided to include half PCF team members, and half not. I thought this would vary the items on the treasury a bit, but also let other people know about the PCF team, as I have found it to be a very welcoming and useful team to be a part of.

Etsy Treasury; Pretty Pink Haze

Today’s treasury was inspired by one of my own original canvas paintings called ‘Pretty Pink Haze.’ I wanted to do yet another colourful treasury, and include all items from the Promote Creative Friends team again. My personal favourite item out of all these ones are the Valentines vintage mini cards by SandrasCardShop.

This is the painting of mine that inspired me to do this treasury:

Etsy Treasury; Creative and Colourful

I decided to create another treasury today for two reason. One because I had joined a new team called Promoting Creative Friends, and because I am so cold I wanted to create something really colourful and vibrant to take my mind off it! It’s been great finding a team on Etsy that is so active as PCF and I hope to become an active member if I can. If you would like to check the team out click here.

Etsy Treasury: Ice Cold

It is so, so cold where I live now. It hasn’t snowed yet, but there’s a sharp stab in the air that makes it so difficult to leave the house. I decided to keep warm in the house, put the heating on full, wrap a blanket around myself and make this treasury. Hope you enjoy.

Etsy Treasury: Black and White with a Splash of Love

A treasury for Valentines Day, on Etsy.