Happy New Year….! I know it’s a bit late….

I am a month late with this ‘Happy New Year’ blog post, but since I haven’t actually posted anything in about 6 months (probably more) I thought I’d let myself off with it!

I have had an interesting few months, there’s been plenty of ups and tons of downs, but me and Jamie are finally getting ourselves back to normality in our new place. In the past 9 months I have moved house 3 times and had 2 new jobs, not to mention some pretty difficult situations in general, including very recently developing severe back pain. Me and Jamie have stuck together through out though, and come out stronger than ever.

Because of all these changes and stresses, I have been unable to focus on my artwork, which resulted in a creative block that I have really struggled to get out of. I miss being able to sit at my own art space and create something fresh and new, so I have decided to dedicate this year to get back on track, set up a new art space and get stuck in with some new paintings!

Although I have attracted a lot of followers online, I would love to be able to do more Craft fairs this year. Jamie passed his test last year and I intend to take advantage of the easy transport to do some craft fairs over the Spring and Summer in the local area!

I have missed interacting with my fans, and seeing all the amazing artwork you all create too, so I am looking forward to getting re-united and involved!



the first painting of the year, flower friends.


Etsy Treasury; Things with Wings

I have made this treasury of beautiful things with wings as I was feeling light and free today. Have spent most of the morning and afternoon sleeping and reading (must get on with some painting soon!)

You can view this treasury by clicking on the picture of it!

What I’ve been up to today…

Good evening, everyone!

I don’t usually like to do blog posts if I haven’t got something visual to contribute…. but today we didn’t get back from visiting family in Birmingham until after 6, so it was too late to photograph any of my art progress, and I was quite tired and cold, too!

So, after we got in, I tended to the cats with food and hugs and kisses… then started texturing some canvases and smaller canvas boards. I have in progress two mother and daughter paintings approximately 9×11 inches, and a couple of 8×8 inch and 5×7 inch canvas boards (which I’m not sure what I’m doing with yet.) The mother and daughter paintings will hopefully be finished tomorrow so I can get them out ready for mothers day.

The reason I have slacked so much the last couple of days is because I have been helping my boyfriend come up with his new band name. He left his old band about 3 months ago as he just couldn’t get along with them, and has now formed a new and improved one! His song writing has gone through the roof and (I know I’m biased) I am sure they are bound to get the crowds going once they start gigging.
Anyway, after 3 long months of trying to come up with a new band name, they have finally settled on ‘Silent Lights.’ It’s amazing that they have come to an agreement with a name, as every time a suitable name came along we realised another band had already snapped it up! I am so happy that they’ve came up with something, so now we can officially get the ball rolling! I enjoy helping Jamie with his band as much as I love working on my artwork (well not as much, but nearly!) and they will hopefully be getting into the studio within the next month and having a photo shoot at the end of the month.

Although they haven’t yet got any music up yet, they will do soon, so if you would like to become a fan of theirs on facebook just click the link at the left, or above, or here.
Jamie does have a myspace that he uploads his own recordings too, nothing too snazzy but just rough structures to his amazing songs. If you would like to check them out, click here!

I will definitely be having some art-related blog posts up tomorrow, but until then, good night!

Cally xo