Happy New Year….! I know it’s a bit late….

I am a month late with this ‘Happy New Year’ blog post, but since I haven’t actually posted anything in about 6 months (probably more) I thought I’d let myself off with it!

I have had an interesting few months, there’s been plenty of ups and tons of downs, but me and Jamie are finally getting ourselves back to normality in our new place. In the past 9 months I have moved house 3 times and had 2 new jobs, not to mention some pretty difficult situations in general, including very recently developing severe back pain. Me and Jamie have stuck together through out though, and come out stronger than ever.

Because of all these changes and stresses, I have been unable to focus on my artwork, which resulted in a creative block that I have really struggled to get out of. I miss being able to sit at my own art space and create something fresh and new, so I have decided to dedicate this year to get back on track, set up a new art space and get stuck in with some new paintings!

Although I have attracted a lot of followers online, I would love to be able to do more Craft fairs this year. Jamie passed his test last year and I intend to take advantage of the easy transport to do some craft fairs over the Spring and Summer in the local area!

I have missed interacting with my fans, and seeing all the amazing artwork you all create too, so I am looking forward to getting re-united and involved!



the first painting of the year, flower friends.


Etsy Treasury; Spreading the Love

I haven’t made a treasury in a few days so I thought I’d make one today. I have dedicated my new treasury to some of the shops I have in my circle and members of the pcfteam. The reason I have done this is because I’ve been featured in so many treasuries in the last week, I’d thought I’d ‘spread the love’ back! I’ve gone for a yellow and teal colour them as it’s nearly Spring!

to view the treasury simply click on the image

Valentines Day
February 14, 2012, 1:52 pm
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My boyfriend and I are not very keen on Valentines day. Since I have been with him, we have handmade cards and cooked meals (had a take out one time) but nothing too over the top and romantic. Why? Because one day out of 365 days is not special to us. We have every day of the year to show each other how much we love and appreciate each other. I am so glad he doesn’t spend ridiculous amounts of money on flowers and chocolates, and cheesy over prices cards from Clintons. I would prefer something free, and done out of love than something like that any day.

This is the card I made him this year using my paper flower design… only with a heart. And my gift in return is that he is cooking dinner tonight!

Happy Valentines day to everyone out there, those who are coupled, and those who aren’t. Just remember ~ it’s not a significant day and you shouldn’t feel crap if you’ve not got a Valentine. Hug your cat and you’ll feel better!

I Love You; Patchwork Girl

A doodle of one of my original patchwork girls with a balloon… only this time she is holding a heart shaped balloon for Valentines Day.

Etsy Treasury: Black and White with a Splash of Love

A treasury for Valentines Day, on Etsy.

Love Cats… illustration

Black and white illustration of two cats in love… Love Cats.