Painting Process – stop motion animation

Today I had a go at under the camera stop motion animation creating a piece of artwork. It was meant to be for my final piece in Animation at Uni, but I think I will count this one as a practice and have another go next week. Hope you enjoy!


Christmas Crafting in July

That’s right! I have started my Christmas crafting early. I usually forget to start my Christmas handmade pieces and before I know it, it’s late November and I’ve missed my chance. This year I have started really early to get some Christmas products in my Etsy shop.

I have been making…..

christmas gift tags 1

Green, gold and red glitter large Christmas gift tags

Snowflake and purple glitter Christmas gift tags

Red and gold Christmas 3D paper flowers for paper crafts

These are just a couple of items I have made – there will be plenty more to come in the next few months 🙂

Spring *SALE* on my Facebook page

I have decided to hold a Spring Sale on my Facebook page. I am currently selling many of my items *VERY* cheap including free shipping to the UK. Postage can be added for international buyers, but it should be too much more!

Here’s a couple of pieces I have put up for sale….

Magic City ~ 16×20 inches painted on canvas. This is a piece I have never put up for sale before, but would usually be about £65.00 including postage on my Facebook page. it is now £40.00 including postage.

Flowers in her Window ~ 16×20 inches in canvas. This one would usually be £65.00 but is now £46.50 including postage.

Friendship 12×10 inches painted in canvas board. Was £23.00 now £10.00 including postage

You can check out the rest in my Spring *SALE* here.

These sales are not anywhere else, so in order to purchase please message me!

Alien and Fairy friends meeting in the garden…. original canvas painting.

This is my newest painting Alien and Fairy friends meeting in the garden. I have textured a 12×12 inch canvas board with ripped paper, card and flower stencils and painted in acrylic, emulsion and watercolour paints. I based this painting on a doodle illustration I did a while back…

If you are interested in purchasing this painting, then please visit my Etsy shop here.