Up cycled 3D paper flower tins!

Up cycled 3D paper flower tins!

Here I have used tin cans, pasted paper around them, painted them with some cute colours and added a 3D paper flower and leaves around for decoration.
Next time I am going to line the insides, too. Can’t wait to make more.


Etsy Treasury; With hints and dabs of purple

An Etsy Treasury with items mainly from the PCFteam and Crazyadsteam ~ spreading the love!

Etsy Treasury: Ice Cold

It is so, so cold where I live now. It hasn’t snowed yet, but there’s a sharp stab in the air that makes it so difficult to leave the house. I decided to keep warm in the house, put the heating on full, wrap a blanket around myself and make this treasury. Hope you enjoy.

In Bloom…. original canvas painting

My newest piece of art, In bloom, inspired by the approaching Spring. There’s nothing better than painting warm Spring/Summer scenes in the middle of Winter. I have textured the 12×12 inch canvas with ripped paper, card, butterfly and flower stencils for a rough effect. I have also textured the flowers with paper and string, to spring them out of the canvas slightly.

All I need to do is varnish this piece, and it will be available for sale in my Etsy shop.