Refurbished Etsy Shop

Today I re-took photographs of most of my artwork in my Etsy shop. The pictures I originally had weren’t working for me, so decided to change them all. Here are just a few of them:

A pack of 8 original Cally’s Creations postcards.

Into the Magic original 12×12 inch canvas board painting.

Home Sweet Home original 12×12 canvas painting (which is currently on sale for only £10!)

I took them all in very similar positions so I am hoping they get more views because of this. Has anyone else out there found it difficult to photograph their work? I think these new pictures are a lot better than the old ones, but still have a feeling I’ll be re-taking them in a couple of months, or so! Maybe I am just too picky!


Flowers to Brighten the Day; Art of the week

Every week I am going to pick a piece of artwork I have already created and write about it. For the first week I decided to pick one of my favourite pieces I have created. I created this piece back in Summer 2011, inspired by all the flowers outside my living room window. It is painted on a thin edge canvas 20×16 inches. I have textured the canvas with ripped paper, card and stencil and painted it in acrylic and emulsion paints. The flowers are textured with extra Shakespearean paper, musical note paper and string.

This piece is currently for sale on Etsy.