Saturday Reading

I have decided to spend the day reading, since the weather is so lovely outside, but still a bit nippy, I have placed myself by the window on the arm chair to read in the sunshine. I started reading a book called ‘Matched’ by Ally Condie last night, and have got through more than half of it already. It’s a great book so far and can’t wait to find out what happens.

It’s not always easy reading when you have a fluff ball distracting you…

I am enjoying some ‘me’ time the weekend then hopefully getting back into the swing of creating next week. I have already started a new project that I hope to finish very soon to show you all!

Thoughts about Art and Reading

Hey Everyone! 

I’ve not made a post in a while. Last week I was really busy preparing for the Light House craft fair on Saturday the 10th. It went really well on a whole, many awesome people and crafters, a lovely venue and Cally’s Creations has made some new fans! I love doing Craft fairs to meet people who are attracted to my work. I’m not even bothered that most of them don’t buy anything, the positive comments and amazement on their faces are just as good, knowing that people enjoy looking at my creations!

Here’s my at my stall (not looking my best, though!)

Another thing I have been focusing on a lot lately is reading. Last week I decided to challenge myself to read 100 books this year. I have read 10 books so far, but having my Kindle last week (yay) means I will be able to read faster. I love my Kindle so much! The books I have read so far are:

Kate Atkinson – When will there been good news?
Christopher Ransom – The People next Door
Bernhard Schlink – The Reader
Jane Casey – The Burning
Harlan Coben – Darkest Fear
Araminta Hall – Everything and Nothing
Claire Seeber – Tell No one
Erin Kelly – The Poison Tree
Sophie Hannah – Kind of Cruel
Suzanne Collins – The Hunger Games (book 1)

I am currently reading the second book of The Hunger Games trilogy, ‘Catching Fire.’ I mostly always read crime/thriller books, but I am *trying* really hard to read new genres and different authors this year, and broaden my reading vastly.

Do you have any recommendations for me?

Anyway, I will be continuing with my artwork at the end of this week and uploading some new items to Etsy, including some packs of assorted stickers of my artwork!

Watch this space, and enjoy your evening!

Cally xo

Two weeks until Light House Craft Fair!

In two weeks on the 10th of March the West Midlands Crafters will be holding a Craft Fair at the Light House (CHUBB) in Wolverhampton City Centre. It will begin at 10am and go on until 4pm. The craft fair will consist of 26 awesome arts and crafters, including my own original artwork!

If you fancy popping by for some awesome handmade goodies (just in time for Mother’s day) then you can find the info on our facebook event page here!

Going to visit Katie!

This afternoon me and Jamie are going to visit my friend Katie and her boyfriend in Selby, near York. We have been meaning to go for ages now and so glad we managed to get Mega bus tickets for nothing! So we’re heading to Leeds on the coach this evening and then getting the train to Selby. Never been on a trip so cheap before!

So I am obviously putting my blogging and Artwork on a stop for a few days, as Katie doesn’t have the internet at hers. I will still be sketching in my notebook, but will not be updating anything until next Thursday/Friday! Hopefully I will get some inspiration for some new doodles!

Can’t wait for this trip….. I miss Katie so much since she moved up North, and it’s so nice to be able to visit! You can still purchase my work off Etsy, and I will be able to send them off when I get back ūüôā

See you soon!


Valentines Day
February 14, 2012, 1:52 pm
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My boyfriend and I are not very keen on Valentines day. Since I have been with him, we have handmade cards and cooked meals (had a take out one time) but nothing too over the top and romantic. Why? Because one day out of 365 days is not special to us. We have every day of the year to show each other how much we love and appreciate each other.¬†I am so glad he doesn’t spend ridiculous amounts of money on flowers and chocolates, and cheesy over prices cards from Clintons. I would prefer something free, and done out of love than something like that any day.

This is the card I made him this year using my paper flower design… only with a heart. And my gift in return is that he is cooking dinner tonight!

Happy Valentines day to everyone out there, those who are coupled, and those who aren’t. Just remember ~ it’s not a significant day and you shouldn’t feel crap if you’ve not got a Valentine. Hug your cat and you’ll feel better!

What I’ve been up to today…

Good evening, everyone!

I don’t usually like to do blog posts if I haven’t got something visual to contribute…. but today we didn’t get back from visiting family in Birmingham until after 6, so it was too late to photograph any of my art progress, and I was quite tired and cold, too!

So, after we got in, I tended to the cats with food and hugs and kisses… then started texturing some canvases and smaller canvas boards. I have in progress two mother and daughter paintings approximately 9×11 inches, and a couple of 8×8 inch and 5×7 inch canvas boards (which I’m not sure what I’m doing with yet.)¬†The mother and daughter paintings will hopefully be finished tomorrow so I can get them out ready for mothers day.

The reason I have slacked so much the last couple of days is because I have been helping my boyfriend come up with his new band name. He left his old band about 3 months ago as he just couldn’t get along with them, and has now formed a new and improved one! His song writing has gone through the roof and (I know I’m biased) I am sure they are bound to get the crowds going once they start gigging.
Anyway, after 3 long months of trying to come up with a new band name, they have finally settled on ‘Silent Lights.’ It’s amazing that they have come to an agreement with a name, as every time a suitable name came along we realised another band had already snapped it up! I am so happy that they’ve came up with something, so now we can¬†officially¬†get the ball rolling! I enjoy helping Jamie with his band as much as I love working on my artwork (well not as much, but nearly!) and they will hopefully be getting into the studio within the next month and having a photo shoot at the end of the month.

Although they haven’t yet got any music up yet, they will do soon, so if you would like to become a fan of theirs on facebook just click the link at the left, or above, or here.
Jamie does have a myspace that he uploads his own recordings too, nothing too snazzy but just rough structures to his amazing songs. If you would like to check them out, click here!

I will definitely be having some art-related blog posts up tomorrow, but until then, good night!

Cally xo

Cally’s Creations Pinterest
February 5, 2012, 7:03 pm
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Today I was invited to Pinterest by a very nice member of one of my Etsy teams. I’m still getting the hang of it but from what I’ve seen it seems like a very simple and interesting way of finding amazing new items, as well as promoting your own.

If you would like to follow me on Pinterest, click here.