Flowers of Spring and Love; Painted bowl project

Last week I decided to start a project of painting up an old wooden bowl that was in our Shed, that my Dad gave to us before Christmas. The bowl is approximately 44cm in diameter. I began by painting vibrant shades of blues and green for the sky and grass.

I then started painting flowers of all colours and sizes on the grass and in the sky…

….And this is the final piece. I have yet to varnish it, however I have painted the back of the bowl a bright fuchsia pink and signed it. This piece of artwork, painted on a wooden bowl will be up for sale within the next couple of days on my Etsy page.

A close up for the flowers…

I have enjoyed doing this painting as it is the first for a while without feeling under pressure to create. I have a couple of new canvases I am hoping to do similar pieces on in the next few days!

Wonderstruck ~ Local Treasures
March 27, 2012, 6:25 pm
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A treasury on Etsy dedicated to local treasures from the West Midlands Crafters! The first of many! To view this treasury just click  on the image above.

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Saturday Reading

I have decided to spend the day reading, since the weather is so lovely outside, but still a bit nippy, I have placed myself by the window on the arm chair to read in the sunshine. I started reading a book called ‘Matched’ by Ally Condie last night, and have got through more than half of it already. It’s a great book so far and can’t wait to find out what happens.

It’s not always easy reading when you have a fluff ball distracting you…

I am enjoying some ‘me’ time the weekend then hopefully getting back into the swing of creating next week. I have already started a new project that I hope to finish very soon to show you all!

Don’t you just Love… Love?

Created on Watercolour paper. I have painted the background with watercolours (slightly) and drawn the illustration in black ink pen.

Certificate of Authenticity for Cally’s Creations

I now have a Certificate of Authenticity for my Artwork. I got this idea from and thought it would be great for the people who buy my artwork to have something to confirm its originality. Here it is:

So now whenever I sell a piece of artwork or a creation, this will be included!

Etsy Treasury; With hints and dabs of purple

An Etsy Treasury with items mainly from the PCFteam and Crazyadsteam ~ spreading the love!

The New WMC Blog!

Today I decided to make a new blog on WordPress for the West Midlands Crafters. We’re starting a fresh with a brand new blog and will hopefully have some great new things coming very, very soon!

I have found using WordPress for Cally’s Creations to be very organized and helpful through looking at my stats, so I am hoping it will be the same for WMC.

If you want to check out the blog you can click here!